Thanks to the Cyber Security Challenge UK ‘s sponsor community, year on year we increase the range of career-enabling prizes to allocate and encourage winning candidates to further develop their skills and become more qualified to take up opportunities for employment.

Each year our portfolio grows: including many popular courses, memberships and some amazing candidate tailored experiences.

Organisations that have provided prizes in the past include:

  • 7Safe
  • (ISC)²
  • BCS
  • CompTIA
  • Crest
  • e-skills
  • GCHQ
  • IAAC
  • IISP
  • Infosec Skills
  • ISSA
  • National Skills Academy Database
  • RHUL
  • SANS
  • Tiger Scheme
  • Wiley

Candidates attending Face to Face Competitions often receive ‘on the day’ goody bags and prizes from Host Sponsors and sometimes we even award Tshirts to Virtual Winners.

Candidate of 2013- “Me again! :) Just thought I’d let you know I passed the Crest Exam, thanks again for the opportunity!”

Candidate of 2012, “The SANS prize is a really great prize, my plan was to use it towards the middle stages of the cyber challenge this year where I hoped I might be able to apply some of the skills to the upcoming competitions”

Tweet from Candidate of 2012 RHUL Course “Looking forward to my @cyberchallenge prize next week on OS Security at RHUL ISG”

Candidate of 2013, winner of OU Vouchers, “Now, thanks to the Cyber Security Challenge, its sponsors and all the companies that donated prizes to the fund I will be able to obtain a degree by the time I’m 29 which would never have been possible otherwise. I am very grateful for everything everyone involved with the challenge has done not just for me but for my fellow contestants and the whole country as ultimately we will all benefit from the schemes that are in place here today.”


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