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New Year 2022 – A note from the Cyber Security Challenge UK Board

2021 was a busy and transformative for year The Challenge, culminating in our winning the Not-for-Profit Team of the Year at The Cyber Security Awards. Many thanks to everyone who has been involved with us and contributed so much throughout a year like no other.

Looking ahead to 2022, we are delighted to be forming a partnership with two organisations we have worked closely with for some time, The Cyber Trust and The Cyber Scheme. This is an exciting new development, and we’ll share more detail as it emerges in the coming months. Our shared vision is that together, we will improve the United Kingdom’s cyber-competitiveness by increasing the number of people from diverse and non-conventional backgrounds choosing a career in the cyber security industry, raising awareness of online threats, and equipping vulnerable communities with the skills they need to protect themselves from those threats.

This document explains and illustrates the way in which the three separate entities become mutually supportive.

A Partnership Board has been established to ensure good governance between the organisations, and we look forward to working on joint projects and activities in 2022.

Bob – Maggie – Emma – Hannah

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We’re a mix of cyber security and non-technical professionals – but what unites us is our passion to open up the industry to young people from a diverse range of backgrounds. We’re working hard to make the cyber security industry more inclusive: find out how.