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Can You Talk Security?


BT / Get Safe Online.org

Type: Single player or 1-3 in a team
Player Count: 1000
Playing dates:
9am April 26th – Midnight June 22nd 2012


Cybercrime costs UK businesses billions of pounds a year.  What most people don’t realise is that by taking just a few simple precautions they can protect themselves from the vast majority of attacks.  For example, businesses could have clear policies on whether their people are allowed to use their own devices, or how they use e-mail at work.  We should all make sure we don’t leave our computers unlocked, we don’t share log-in details and we don’t use predictable passwords.

To play this game we want you to come up with ways to communicate technical security issues to small and medium sized organisations in a simple and non-technical way – so that everyone can understand them. Just choose a topic that you think is important and come up with a creative idea to get your message across - whether that’s a game, a song, video or whatever – you decide. Have a look at our video.

So, if you have a creative mind and think you can convince others why they should be bothered about cyber security - then this is the competition for you.

  • Entry:  This challenge is for individuals and for teams of up to three.  There will be three age groups - 14-17, 18-25 and 25 plus.  To enter you need to register.
    Everyone in the team will need to register and accept the terms and conditions before we can accept your entry.  Submit your entry

  • Prizes: We’ll award one overall winning entry.  The winner/s will work with our creative teams to turn their concept into a national marketing campaign.  We’ll also choose one winning entry for the each of the individual and team age categories.  They’ll get to choose from a number of prizes including technical and creative training courses, work experience taster days and membership of professional bodies.  

  • Awards event:  All the finalists will be invited to an awards event which will be held on the revolving 34th floor of the BT Tower in London later this year

  • Scoring:  To win this game you’ll have to demonstrate that you understand the problem and can communicate your technical problem in a creative and innovative way.  Our judges will be looking for a submission that’s technically accurate but that also makes us laugh, cry, think…..basically we want you to make us care about Cyber Security

  • Timescales:  The game will open at 09.00 on 24th April and will close for entry on 22nd June 2012.  Finalists will be announced by the end August.