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Happy Cryptmas everyone!

Here is your holiday challenge, ready and waiting to drive you all crazy. It's a multi-part challenge this time with lots of twists and turns to figure out before you can claim victory! This holiday season, the good folks over at Advanced Security Consulting have decided to make your Christmas by offering a Pico ITX computer platform, ideal for all your hardware hacking projects and the basis of many a fun evening as the grand prize to the ultimate winner and Chief Christmas Cryptanalyst.

Details of your prize are as follows:-

1 x Pico SAM9G45 Platform (http://www.mini-box.com/pico-SAM9G45-X)
- SAM9G45 pico-ITX compatible SBC (80x100mm)
- ARM9, 400Mhz, ARM926EJ-S, 32/32K
- 256MB DDR2
- 4 USB 2.0 ports 480Mbps, shared
- 1 miniPCI-e with USB only support
- 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
- SD card reader
- SIM card slot
- Bootable microSD
- 5V power via microUSB
- 6-40V support via DC barrel connector
- High endurance ceramic and SP capacitor design
- Expansion header for SPI, I2C, RS232
- Native support 480 x 272 LCD (higher resolution possible)
- WIFI support via miniPCI-e with USB
- Buzzer
- Ideal for development or OEM use.
- Linux / Android boot options.

1 x 4.3" touch screen (http://www.mini-box.com/INNOLUX-4-3-TFT-with-touchscreen)
- Built-in Touch Screen
- Dimension: 4.1x2.6x0.16in. (105x67x4.3mm)

Don't forget the bag of Cyber Challenge goodies that this will be buried in though; it is Cryptmas after all!

This year's challenge is the brain child of one of our former cipher champions, sponsored by Advanced Security Consulting (@justASCuk) to pull together a particularly eclectic game for you all to play with. As always, not too hard, but not too easy either. The legend that is Senad Zukic (@CyberInquisitor) is the man responsible for this, working with your very own Jay Abbott (@jabawokjayuk), to bring you this fun and taxing challenge that will engage and infuriate over the next few days/weeks/months?!?

So here it is, Merry Cryptmas, Everybody, having fun...

Download the image direcly from here ( Right-Click and Save As... )

This Christmas Cipher is kindly sponsored by Advanced Security Consulting (@justASCuk)