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Cipher Winners - 2010

We have the same winner for both ciphers two and three. Senad Zukic is a programmer with two
degrees in computer science. Senad has tried many roles in the IT sector including helpdesk support,
network administration and even graphic design but he does not and never has held a professional
cyber security position.

He says: I've spent most of my career dealing with Information, i.e. collecting, securing. To this end I've had to learn a lot on relevant laws that apply to IT, how it is processed, and also how to secure the data for transportation and not allow it to be seen in plain sight. I've also tried to expand my knowledge with how information can be hidden, and how it can be uncovered, I have a great fascination in computer forensics. I came to cryptography not through computing but because of my love for history, but once I gained more knowledge in computing then it all bridged together. I'm also a member of the British Computer Society that keeps me in touch with the current trends although I'm not actively involved with them. Senad's website is www.theinquisition.co.uk

Winner Cipher Date
Edward Godfrey Cipher 1 11th October 2010
Senad Zukic Cipher 2 & 3 22ndOctober 2010
Senad Zukic Xmas cipher 27th December 2010