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Incident & Threat Management & Forensics

Front line Defenders managing  networks and mobile devices.  Examples are  managing network to keep attackers out;  testing other's networks to assess their security and advising on making them less vulnerable; incident managers; forensics analysts unpicking what happened;  analysts of new malware/production of countermeasures.

Keith talks about his role at ProCheckup

ProCheckup - Keith


Varun Uppal - Cyber Security Consultant for IRM plc


A Day in the Life of Ross McKerchar - SOPHOS


Women in Cyber Security:
Charlie McMurdie & Jo Goodall

Risk Analysts & Management

Risk Analysts and Managers  need to understand which threats will have the worst business impact and advise Boards in non-technical language why and how they should spend on reducing these risks. Risk managers may be  non-technical or technical people. Some audit  networks and ensure compliance and legal issues are dealt with.

Ben talks about his role at GCHQ

GCHQ - Ben


Bhumi Amin - B.T.

Policy Makers & Strategists

Policy Makers and Strategists define how a company deals with different security risks and meets its legal obligations and gets these policies implemented. Private sector has CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) often supported by a team. Government has ITSOs (IT security officers) and DSOs (Departmental security officers).


Nick is a Research Scientist working on strategy and vision in the cloud and security fields for HP. Nick designs tools that model consequences looking at what a cyber danger IS, simulating what could go wrong!

Nick - HP

Operations & Security Management

Operations and Security Managers protect data on networks, laptops and mobile devices, they may manage encryption and other protective measures like firewall rules.


Alan King, Operations and Security Manager - B.T.


Parmjit Karir, B.T. talking about Network Defence


Simon Arnell a Security Consultant at HP, talks about developing research concepts that bring real world solutions to his clients and how he's mapped his way from school to HP!

Simon Arnell - HP

Engineering, Architecture & Design

Engineering, Architecture and Design Designing secure code and applications; architecting a secure system or creating new security tools are all essential parts of cyber security but nothing stays still so you will need to keep changing fast.


Cassidian's Matt Bennett explains what it is like to work as a cyber security professional in the industry.

Education, Training and Awareness

Education Training and Awareness are demanding whether the job is about training newcomers, keeping experts up to date or enabling staff or customers to benefit fully from technology they are using.

Tim Shipp a Cyber Security Trainer at Cassidian, looks at how his previous IT roles plus his enthusiasm for cyber security outside of work spurred him into his current role at Cassidian.

Tim Shipp - Cassidian


Judges at HP/Cassidian Masterclass 2012 talk about how they will find the best team and finalist by looking for problem solving skills under pressure, an understanding of business and technical processes, alongside team playing and leadership abilities!

Judges - HP/Cassidian Masterclass


Research may be highly technical or more policy or psychology orientated. Areas include - Complex models to help understand and manage risks.  invention of new technologies or new ways to apply them to reduce risks; looking for the next "big thing".


Andy from Raytheon shares some memorable experiences from his career and how he arrived at his position within the company today


Ben from Raytheon shares some memorable experiences from his career and how he arrived at his position within the company today


Miranda Mowbray a Cloud and Security Researcher at HP tells us about developing algorithms to find the informational needle in the noisy haystack of data, and how persistence gets you to where you want to be!

Miranda Mowbray - HP

Lawyers specialising in advice and prosecution for Internet crime and data protection

Lawyers specialising in the advice and prosecution of data security and Internet crime. The need for expert advice is growing with high levels of crime and penalties for organisations that don’t protect data sufficiently.

Top Jobs to aspire to

Women in Cyber Security:
Charlie McMurdie & Jo Goodall


James Lyne a Director of Technology at SOPHOS who asks all who watch this to own your cyber skills and find a way to introduce yourself to the companies out there! James tells us about how his original introverted geekiness found his extroverted presentation-giving PR evangelical self!

James Lyne - SOPHOS