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Cyber Camp

The Cyber Security Challenge, in conjunction with Lancaster University, will be holding its first Cyber Camp this summer. The camp will run from Wednesday 5th to Sunday 9th of September at Lancaster University’s Bailrigg campus.  The camp will be an exciting experience. A mix of workshops and competitions,  it will enable participants to develop more cyber security skills;  meet people doing cyber security jobs and generally provide an opportunity to learn more about career and educational opportunities.  Enjoy!

High scoring participants from the virtual games run so far this year  have been invited to take part. Five of the most successful participants will  be invited to compete again, alongside the winners of other face to face competitions, for the title of Cyber Security Champion 2013.  The Masterclass will take place in March 2013 and will be followed by our Awards Ceremony where many prizes will be given to winners from all rounds of our competitions.

We will pay reasonable travel costs and will provide accommodation and meals throughout for both the cyber camp and for the Masterclass and Awards weekend.

The detail of the Cyber Camp is being finalised but we expect it to include: 

Day 1: A day on Informed Defence (where you need to get to know more about the threat to be able to fight off attacks)

Day 2: Entrepreneurial workshops and Career Fairs,  providing the opportunity to put forward ideas on solutions to our problems, and demonstrate your business flair, as well as learning more about jobs.

Day 3: A day on digital Forensics  

Day 4: A final morning,  bringing out more of the skills that the very best cyber security experts can bring to the table:  Risk Analysis / Politics / Criminology and an Awards lunch.


More information will be provided to those participating nearer to the time.   We will use this first camp to assess its value and determine if we should run more in the future.