Check out the 7 top tips from the U.S. competition team below.

  1. Remember you need to connect to CCS Server 3 for your scores to count! This will be the same for all rounds this year.
  2. Most issues will be solved by connecting to this server and making sure correct permissions have been set by your network administrator. If you’re still having an issue after you’ve connected to CCS Server 3, speak to your network administrator in the first instance, then contact CSC UK – link to
  3. A stable connection is key for success! So plug in using ethernet cables if you can.
  4. It is best practice to have one image per computer with a spare computer for research. If resources are limited, try to run Windows 16 Server on its own machine as it’s a greedy memory-eater!
  5. Read our Round-Specific Download Instructions carefully for details you might have missed when preparing to play – as these will change each round. These will be released on the CCVI hub on the Wednesday before each round starts.
  6. If it helps, you could print them out and have them to hand whilst you play.
  7. Importantly, make sure the correct ports are enabled. Both port 80 and 443 are required this year.

Thanks so much to everyone who dialed in, and to Frank, Gamail and Lisa for sharing these tips with us!

If you have any questions regarding technical set-up, take a look at our installation page. For anything else – visit our FAQs.

Finally… good luck 🙂