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DC3 - Digital Forensics Challenge - 2013

Type: Team based (one to four players per team, please note that ALL team members MUST be registered on the Challenge registration page to qualify for our prizes)

Player Count: 1000+

This Challenge is now open.

Game closes 01/11/2013

Challenge Description:

Register both here and in the US for the UK strand of this challenge.

The DC3 2013 Digital Forensics Challenge is a global challenge designed and hosted by the US Department of Defence Cyber Crime Centre http://dc3.mil/challenge/2013/   Players from all over the world register and compete against each other in what is considered to be one of the most difficult forensic challenges in the world. In order to qualify to compete in the UK strand of this competition, you must fulfil the Challenge eligibility criteria (see registration process for detail but you must be British, resident in the UK and NOT already working in cyber security) and register both with the DC3 site and with ourselves. The best competitor in the UK strand will win a major prize from our major prize portfolio.  Previous winners have won a 7Safe training course worth up to £2,000.  The top candidates will also be eligible to compete in the Challenge Face to Face competition, with an opportunity to win further prizes and will also be invited to our Awards lunch to celebrate their success here in the UK.

Our 2012 winner came a remarkable 2nd overall worldwide and was the top undergraduate, an excellent achievement.

What is required:

The DC3 2013 Digital Forensics Challenge is based on individual scenario-based, progressive level challenges as a call to the digital forensics community to pioneer new investigative tools, techniques and methodologies.

Each challenge level establishes the total number of points available per challenge assigned based on its difficulty toward a solution (known to unknown). This is based on the complexity of what a digital forensics examiner normally runs into and has to adjust for/extract/scrutinize in an analysis of those file types for examination problems.

Level 100: Novice: Groundwork- these challenges have a solution that are well known to experienced examiners. Each subcategory is worth 100 points (e.g. File Signatures, Suspicious Software, Hashing Metadata, etc.).

Level 200: Advanced: Uncertainty- at 200 points per subcategory, these solvable challenges have a varying degree of difficulty (e.g. Data Hiding, File Headers, Passwords, Registry, etc.).

Level 300: Expert: Investigate- there is no guarantee that these challenges have a solution. Additionally, each 300 point challenge requires a solution that is not very well known (e.g. Encryption, Parsing, etc.).

Level 400: Master: Reveal- these 400 point challenges have no known solution (e.g. Communication Recovery/Parsing, Information Concealment in files, etc.).

Level 500: Developer: Originate- 500 point challenges required development of digital forensic tools based on the defined requirements (e.g. tools, methodologies, etc. for known Digital Forensic investigation issues).

This registration is for Round 1 of the "2013 Investigate & Understand" Stream. Successful candidates from this stream of activity will qualify for entry into the Sophos Face to Face Stream Final, details of which will be announced at a later date.