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Dtex Systems
Insider Threat Investigation

Type: Single Player

Player count: 250

Challenge dates:  

  •  This will be played from 8 October to midnight on 19 October
  • Registration is now Closed.

The challenge:

You have been contracted as an external security consultant for a mobile app development start-up company, Online Mobile Gaming (OMG). In the past few months OMG has rapidly expanded its workforce in anticipation of the upcoming release of its newest game, MoodyCatz, and has yet to implement adequate IT controls.

A few weeks before the game’s release, a rival mobile app company released a very similar game, FuriousCatz. OMG’s company director suspects insider involvement. You have been tasked with finding the responsible employee(s) and identifying any other security risks within OMG.

Security consultant toolkit:

You will be provided with a Microsoft SQL database containing user desktop activity logs from OMG. You can use any available software (e.g. SQL Express) to analyse these. You will also need Microsoft Word or Open Office to write up your findings in the report template provided. You are encouraged to use whatever resources are available to you (e.g. Google).

Entry criteria:

  • Open to individuals aged 16 or over
  • This challenge is not open to individuals who are actively working in cyber security

Who should enter:

  • Analytic thinkers who enjoy the challenge of conducting an IT forensic investigation
  • Self-motivated individuals who are confident working independently
  • You don’t need to be a database expert to succeed at this challenge, but knowledge of the basics of Microsoft SQL will help.

Winners will be invited to attend the Everything Everywhere Face-to-Face final on Saturday 24 November 2012 in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Winners selected at this event will then be invited to attend our Masterclass and Awards weekend on 9 – 10 March 2013.