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HP / Cassidian Master Class

This year’s Masterclass, described below, ran on 10 March 2012.  Details about the 2012/13 Masterclass will follow.

"Many people imagine a computer security expert within a company as a highly technical geek who sits watching a network responding to attacks. There are, however, many more skills needed within a company's security team. The perfect security person needs a range of technical, business, risk, legal and psychology skills. In reality security teams have people with a mixture of skills who work together to plan the company's security strategy, set policies, monitor and audit systems and manage incidents. HP and Cassidian have designed the Master Class to test this broad range of skills"

Adrian Baldwin, HP Labs.

The Master class takes successful participants who have demonstrated their technical excellence within one of the three competition streams and expands upon this to give the candidates an experience of the real world problems faced by a company's security team every day. This allows the competitors to demonstrate the broad range of skills required to be true experts in security along with their abilities to apply their technical knowledge to defend a business from every day cyber threats.

As a competitor, you will play the part of a member of a new security team together with a selection of other competitors. As a team, you will need to work together to solve a number of challenges associated with setting security strategy and making operational decisions. As part of the challenge you will need to find information out from people playing a variety of technical and business roles within this company, reflecting the typical daily struggle security professionals can face getting access to the decision makers within their organisations. You will then need to build your unique strategic approach to the problems and articulate them in such a way as to influence them into believing that your team's strategy is the appropriate one for the company.

During the challenges throughout the day, you will need to demonstrate an ability to understand the business risks and the business needs, and to balance these with security processes and technologies. You will also need to demonstrate your technical skills on the operational challenges as and when they crop up through the day, as well as appreciating the business situation in which the events happen.

The winners are those who demonstrate a high level of ability over a broad range of skills observed by a panel of experts and professionals from the security industry throughout the day.

Good Luck!