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SOPHOS Malware Hunt

Type:  Face to Face Single player.

Players: 30 players have won places at the SOPHOS Malware Face to Face Competition.   Feeder competitions: SANS Packet Capture Analysis, SOPHOS Linux Forensic Security Challenge & DC3 Digital Forensic Challenge.

Date: Saturday 19th January 2013.

Location: SOPHOS Head Office, Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Competition Description: This challenge will put you up against cyber criminals' nasty creations in a series of totally realistic environments. Malicious code is rife on the Internet. This challenge tests the skills to defeat malicious code, preventing data theft and understanding how to prevent future incidents on devices.
Advanced knowledge of malicious code and disassembly is not required - just a creative mind, a bit of experience removing malware from friends and families computers and an eye for the detail!

Eligibility: Those invited will be asked to provide proof of their UK nationality. A Passport or a Birth Certificate will be considered as a suitable form of nationality.  Also, contestants must not already be working in the Cyber Security Industry.

Masterclass Places: 8 individuals from this competition will be invited to participate in the HP/Cassidian Masterclass Competition to be held in Bristol on Saturday 9th March 2013