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Results for the SAIC Penetration Test Game 3

Published: 12/10/11

The Cyber Security Challenge UK is pleased to announce that the following contestants were successful in the SAIC Penetration Test Game 3.

1.  Matt Bartlett who scored 23450 points
2.  Christopher Tyerman who scored 15225 points
3.  Simon Williams who scored 13250 points

Congratulations to all and a special congratulations to Matt Bartlett who has now won three competitions in a row!
The winners have made it through to the SAIC CyberNEXS-King of the Hill stage which will be held on 21st January 2012. They will be up against finalists from the earlier Sophos and SANS Pen competitions in a series of grueling face to face showdowns.
They will be competing for the chance to enter the Masterclass final, designed by HP and Cassidian, to take place on 10 March 2012. The overall winner of King of the Hill will be awarded one of our main career enabling prizes at our Awards Ceremony on 11 March.
In the meantime, Matt Bartlett has won a coveted place at CRESTCon next year which will provide some incredible networking opportunities and an insight into the professional world of cyber security.
Cyber Security Challenge UK T-shirts will be sent to everyone listed above. Enjoy!

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