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Winners of SANS Packet Capture Analysis Round 2 announced!

Published: 13/09/12

Candidates successfully interpret network attacks to win a place at Sophos’ Malware Hunt face to face competition

Winners from the second round of the SANS Institute Packet Capture Analysis competition have made it through to the next round of the Cyber Security Challenge UK where they will face off against winners from other forensics competitions at the start of next year.

Candidates were challenged to use packet analysis tools to sift through simulated network traffic and find evidence of compromised systems and dangerous user activity. They were marked on their ability to answer questions about the network and the behaviour of its users against the clock.

Andy Smith beat tough competition from hundreds of other competitors to secure top marks in the Challenge, with Robert Laverick and Matt Potts securing second and third place, respectively.

The top three have successfully secured a place at Sophos’ Malware Hunt face to face competition, due to take place at their Sophos HQ in Abingdon early next year.

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