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UK DC3 Winners Show the Rest of the World Who's Boss

Published: 04/12/12

The top three candidates in the UK stream of the US DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge have been revealed along with their standings in the overall international competition. 

Chris Doman, Matt Bartlett and Chris Moore came first, second and third respectively in the UK strand of this internationally recognised cyber security competition. They also posted quite amazing scores of 5175, 3791 and 3519 respectively placing them 2nd, 9th and 12th overall out of more than 1000 global participants. All three win prizes and places on future a place at the Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass Final to be held next year in Bristol.

Chris Doman, the UK DC3 winner was the highest ranking civilian participant in the world – a superb performance for someone who only spotted the competition one month before it ended.

“It’s a year-long competition but I only decided to enter a month before it closed so time was a bit of an issue. I looked through all 34 challenges and wrote a plan of how to do them all and how long it would take. It’s all certainly possible to solve but it’s not easy and you have to think carefully about the time required for each challenge. It’s reignited my love for cyber security and problem solving. I did better than I expected, and it’s given me a boost to start applying for work in this field.”

For coming first Chris has won a 7Safe training course of his choice and a place at the Sophos Malware Hunt – one of the Challenge Face-to-Face competitions taking place next year. He has also been good enough to share some of the tools he developed to win the competition on his website which can be found here: http://www.christopherdoman.com/?page_id=2

A special mention also goes to Chris Moore who came third in the UK stream but was the highest ranking undergraduate in the world – another brilliant performance. Chris also wins a place at the Sophos Malware Hunt in 2013. 

The Challenge would like to wish many congratulations to all our DC3 winners. This is an amazing achievement and it’s certainly good to see the Union Jacks flying high on the international leaderboard! 

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