Additional responsibilities for virtual Team Leaders

  • Be aware of when your team is playing and check in with them at least once during the consecutive six hour window they have to play. This can be done by email, text, phone or online chat forum. Make a note that you have spoken to them, including the timestamp, means of communication, and information discussed (if any).
  • Team Leaders managing remote teams must request that each team member copies the following statement, updates as appropriate and submits to you via email.

I, (competitor name), followed all rules in Chapter 4 and Appendix V of the CyberCenturion Rule Book during Round 1/2/3 (mark as appropriate).

I deleted all competition images, software, documents, and information and did not distribute them beyond my Team.

I further attest that I did not receive, share, or seek answers or information about the competition round from persons or sources outside of my Team before, during, or after the competition round.

Team Number:____CVII-______________________.            


We will not ask you to submit this information unless issues are raised by the adjudicators, however, a lack of evidence that you have supported your team(s) throughout the live rounds could lead to disqualification from the competition.