Cyber Games Careers Fairs

From time to time we aim to bring cyber security to life with careers fairs, designed to show students what it’s like to work in the industry and inspire them to consider a cyber career.

Bringing together hundreds of students at a time, Cyber Games Careers Fairs are interactive careers opportunities to extend learning and give students the chance to meet industry experts, explore potential careers, discover education opportunities and learn about practical next steps.

Using a carousel approach, groups of students from a number of different schools/collages cycle through games, competitions, talks and exercises to really get a feel for what a career in cyber security might be like. The careers fairs can function as an introduction or a follow up to Cyberland or Challenge in a Box for those students who are showing an interest in pursuing cyber as a career.

We will advertise events on this site and/or social media. When we have nothing planned, we recommend keeping an eye out for such events run by others, including CIISec, The UK Cyber Council, your local ROCU, and The Cyber Scheme (information about such organisations is on our Partners page)