I’ve been working with computers since 1981 both working for UK Government, in escape room design and commercial digital print. Since 1998, I’ve been helping to introduce computing into schools, and more recently as a STEM Ambassador, I’ve been working with school children to develop their programming skills.

My professional experience spans a deep understanding of the techniques employed to exploit and patch online vulnerabilities, as well as commercially focused, business decision-making and the pressures faced by senior leaders in a security context.

Today, the importance of developing cyber skills is more of a priority than ever. No parent can ignore the fact that the next generation will continue to spend more of their time involved in online activities, meanwhile, each and every business that relies on the cloud to enable remote working must look at new ways to arm themselves against rapidly evolving cyber criminal attempts to exploit the next normal.

My focus as Special Projects Manager is to develop innovative solutions to adapt the CyberCenturion programme to our current, mostly virtual way of learning, through close collaboration with the rest of the team. My goal is to help create fun, flexible and immersive experiences, suitable for 2021 and beyond, that will help grow participation, maintain engagement and enthuse the next generation of cyber literate students.