National Crime Agency and ROCUs

The Challenge’s work with the National Crime Agency (NCA) focusses on ensuring that emerging cyber talent understands the ethical and legal environment they operate in.  Our work developing and supporting the Intervention programme, the original Matrix Challenge, the NCA Summer Cyber programme helps to promote the benefits of good Cyber Choices. NCA supports our site through their Cyber Choices programme – including Cyberland and The Cyber Choices Challenge.

ROCUs are Regional Organised Crime Units. There are ten ROCUs across England and Wales that have a range of specialist policing capabilities, and this includes a dedicated cyber security team that works with businesses, organisations, and communities to promote the steps that we think will reduce the chances of becoming a victim of cyber crime.  The ROCUs, and their counterparts in Scotland and Northern Ireland, regularly work with SMEs, charities, and representative organisations in response to specific threats and can provide support in the event of a cyber incident, irrespective of whether a formal police investigation exists.  Their direct link to the NCSC and the NCA puts them in an ideal position to act as a first point of contact for those that wish to raise their awareness of the cyber threat and improve their defences against attacks. More information on ROCUs is available here:

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